Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Pink Market Day

Hi there and thanks for coming over!
We're just back from doing our Special Pink Market Day. I believe most of the Pink Ribbon Merchandise sold out, which was wonderful. The stall holders were encouraged to dress in Pink, there's Tony below, I kinda think pink suits him?

I hadn't realised until yesterday we were encouraged to dress up in pink, which was my own fault, I should have read the news letters properly! I luckily had a pink tee shirt which I printed red shoes on from a scan I'd taken from one of my original paintings, of course I had pink beads, belt and jacket in my wardrobe - as you do!

Tony specialy made a pink bench for the occasion, doesn't he do a wonderful display!

A little hard to see in my photos, but there were pink balloons and streamers everywhere, quite a few of the customers wore pink too

I have been badly negelecting my website over the past few weeks, with no markets this weekend, I'll be restocking the website over the next few days.
That's about be for now, I'm so tired after today I can hardly walk, we're out for dinner tonight, hopefully I'll pep up by then.
Hope your weekend has been a good one, bye for now
~ Gail ~

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