Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's New

Hi everyone

Just thought I'd report in and quickly load my just very latest, still wet, Christmas painting on to this blog post

I decided to put Monday aside for a bit of Home Revamping

I've been wanting to paint the wall behind our little stairway up to our Loft bedroom for ages, Yah!! it happened!! Once again my camera isn't the best, but it does look so, so much better. I've hung some of my originals up on the walls - for the time being anyway, they are up for sale on our website, but why not enjoy them for now.


The before photos, really not so bad, but I've decided I want something a little more stream line, all one colour, uncluttered but then again not too clinical, still love my roses and pinks, just cause you go for uncluttered doesn't mean you have to part with your roses, favourite china, etc. etc......, our house is very, very....hmm what would you say???.....oldish, newish in some parts

Guss has a special couch under the stairs, it's his nightime bed, he seems quite happy with the wall colour

I thought too, I'd like to share with you a gorgeous new shop on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia.

"Marsel on Seaside" has only just opened it's doors - I know Margaret has been working so hard to have her dream come true shop open for Christmas

If you're lucky enough to be in the area, please pop in and say Hi, even the name and address sound fascinating!

Marsel on Seaside
4 Merchants Parade...
Town of Seaside
Marcoola, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Have a great week and an enjoyable long weekend to those living in Victoria

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