Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's creeping up

Hi all!
Like everyone, I just can't believe Christmas is so close, I guess I'm feeling it even more as we only have a few markets left before Christmas. For anyone living in Victoria the other indication that the big day is nearly upon us, is when Melbourne Cup Day has come and gone. Speaking of Ellie our daughter didn't get to go to the Melbourne Cup, but went to our "Peninsula Cup" which was held on the Sunday at Mornington Racecourse, of course I took loads of photos, not realising when I positioned her in front of our "Rose Blooms" her Fascinator would be lost in amongst the blooms...goodness me our garden needs some attention, it's so overgrown, how did that happen?

So I've confused myself trying to paint an assortment of subjects for the Christmas Markets and of course for our Website....not sure where I'm headed at the moment, I bet many of you out there know the feeling.....or is it just me?

Here's just a few of my newies

Thats's about me for now....

Thanks for coming over and I hope you all have a great week


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