Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comment Verification

Hello and thanks for coming over

Firstly, thanks so much for those who went over and voted for Guss the upside down doggie - he's extremely grateful for your efforts. Was just a bit of fun, not really sure what we'd do with the month's worth of free dog food if he happened to win, which is unlikely anyway, as Guss is on special diet pescription canned food - for sensitive tummies!

The main reason I'm posting tonight is cause I've had to activate comment verification on my posts - I really didn't want to do it, I think it spoils the feel of blogging, but unfortunately I've had way too many comments left lately from undesirable websites, you know the ones wanting you to try and buy certain enhancement aids!

I've also had computer problems this week, so am a little behind on things, I've had the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" I think that's what it's called, I hope it's fixed now, fingers crossed anyway, turns out it may have been cause I've been leaving my Memory Stick in it's little possie all the time, apparantely it's not what you should do - well not on a system like mine anyway (as in my lowish RAM - memory.......blah blah blah!!!)

Of course I can't do a blog post without photos, so will add a few of my latest Whimsical Home Decor originals.

Thanks for coming over


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