Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Upside Down Dogs

Have you ever heard of this website? (thanks Cass for the link)
The idea is you take a photo of your doggie upside down and submit it to the website.
I was thrilled when they emailed me to say my upside down photo of Guss was accepted - yes it's sort of weird and sorry poor Gussy as you're normally a handsome Man...???
Anyway here he is. You can click on the photo if you like, if you felt like it you could click to vote for Guss, which means he may win a prize. It is a fun website, please let me know if you decide to submit a photo of your doggie.....Gotta have a bit of a laugh sometimes don't we?

Thought I might add a link to show you how Guss normally looks - just in case you're interested you can click here

Just a quick snippet of my latest painting I've been working on
click on the painting for details

this one is sold - thank you!

Thanks so much for popping over

Happy Days to you all

~Gail ~

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