Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love my Basket

Hi there! and thanks for coming over

How are you all going?

We've got lots of things happening down here, daughter Ellie moves into her first home this week - how strange it will be, just Tony and I and of course the pets, we have had that before as both kids moved out at one stage, but then Ellie came back home to live, this time though, she's gone for good! Thankfully she's moving not to far away, we can still have our shopping and walking time together and of course family dinners, we were just saying how hard it must be for those moving interstate or overseas - don't want to think about that one yet.

Been busy with Christmas Markets, so far we've been lucky with the weather, only two more markets to go, so have been trying to create some new bits and pieces, sort of juggling between markets and newies on our website. Of course have been going junkiing, although I've been picky with what I buy, really over having clutter around me, but I couldn't resist this silvery vintage Baker's Basket, it was only $5.00, not sure where it will end up, maybe Magazines or I desperately need somewhere to store my Recipe Books in the Kitchen, the Recipe Books I never look at, if I need a recipe, which isn't often as I make things up as I go along, but if I do need a recipe I tend to GOOGLE it!

Felt inspired to paint something with Lavender after buying the basket

Have been working on some Magnetic Art for our Market this Sunday, they're only little and look so cute arranged on the fridge, Ellie's already claimed quite a few for her new home

Loved working on the two new original paintings below, they're painted on canvas stretchers and ready to hang, if they sell well I'm planning on doing a series - how much fun that would be!

That's about me for now!

Thanks for coming over


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