Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Garage Sale find

Hi to everyone
We've had perfect weather here this weekend. Very grateful to have a rain free day for our market today, although I forgot my sunscreen and got a little bit burnt.
I just wanted to show you this sweet little vintage table I bought yesterday at a garage sale, love the genuine chippy colour all those under layers of paint peeping through, the timber top is weathered and silvery, it needs clamping and gluing, I'll do it myself, if I give it to Tony to do I fear I'll never see the table again - I know him, he'll sell it!!

I decided to put it in the bathroom, with towels and a jug full of beautiful Pink Roses I bought at the market today, really didn't need to be moving furniture around after loading our market goodies into the van today, but you know how it gets - I must warn everyone not to sit on my little treasure to dry their toes until I've done some repairs on it - could turn out to be disastrous!!

Hope your weekend was enjoyable

Thanks for coming over


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