Sunday, December 13, 2009

Guss Loves Santa

Update to this Post
I've just added some photos of my substitute Christmas tree I made this afternoon, I picked a load of Cyprus Tree Branches from our tree, covered a plastic bucket with hessian , wired the branches together and hung some decorations.
Why is it so hard to take good photos of Christmas Trees?, mine looks quite effective in real life but in my photos it looks boring

Hi All

We've had a busy week trying to finish orders, preparing for the Market and then actually doing the Market today and daughter moving out of home, I haven't even thought of Christmas Shopping - won't we all sigh with relief on Boxing Day?

Ellie moved out of home on Wednesday, so it's officially Tony and I and the pets at home now, although I did happen to adopt a new family member at a Garage Sale on Saturday, I couldn't resist him.

Meet Santa
He doesn't cost anything to feed
He doesn't answer me back
He wears the same clothes everyday, no washing required
He dances and sings at the flick of a switch and shuts off at the flick of a switch!
Really what more could you want?

I've always wanted one of these dancing, singing Santas, he comes with a Microphone, which means you can sing along with him, Guss loves him, although when I bought him home, I carried him inside over my shoulder with his arm dangling over my back, Guss growled at him, I think he thought Santa was attacking me

This is how we spent our first Saturday Night together as "Empty Nester's" - yeah, having a bit of fun with Santa and the pets!

I did think this year I wouldn't bother with a tree, we like a real Christmas Tree, so I thought with Santa and decorations that would be enough, but no, Tony says he wants a tree - moan groan, we have Cyprus Trees around our fence, I wonder if a few branches arranged in a tub would be a good substitute

Here's Ellie and Clint's new home ~ Congratulations to them both - they already have it looking fabulous

Thanks so much for coming over to visit

Hope you have a good week
bye for now ~ Gail ox

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