Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chinese Serving Dishes

Hi All

Hope everyone is well and happy!
I came across these Silver Chinese Serving Dishes at a Garage Sale, it was at the end of day and I'd pretty much spent all my money, I had enough money to buy one, but there were three available, so after scrounging around in my bag I came up with just enough to buy two. I love them, the previous owner says they are Silver, but I can't see any markings, I love them slightly tarnished, or is that because I hate polishing silver?

I'd be interested if anyone had any clues on them, I have tried to research them, but came to a dead end

I'm doing this Post through a different Browser to my normal - the photos aren't doing what they're will just press the Publish Post button now and be done with it!

Guss The Aussie Bulldog - I don't think he likes his Australia Day Hat

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie Friends
and to all my Overseas Friends - Take Care

xo ~ Gail ~ xo

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