Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our first market for 2010

Hi All

Just posting a few photos from our market today, being the first market for 2010 I thought it could do with a bit of recognition.

It was forecast to be very warm, wasn't too bad though, we're lucky as our Stall backs onto the actual Racecourse, no other stalls behind us, we usually get a nice breeze coming through, although that can have it's down side in winter

Tony sold his bench you see in the photo above, I should have taken a side on shot, as the sides are made from louvre doors, it looks fabulous

I've somehow managed to cut off the bottom of this large bench in the photo above, the top he's used is a lovely natural silvery timber, you have to be quick with the photos, sort of do them in between the crowds walking past - remembering big crowds at a market don't necessarily mean big sales!

I liked the colour Tony painted this one in the photo above, sometimes too much white can be a little overwhelming, nice to have a contrast.

Now this market is over, we'll be stocking up our website over the next few days.

We're planning on doing Flemington market sometime in the very near future (Hi Debbie, I may finally get to meet you in person)

Thanks so much for coming over

Hope your weekends been a good one!

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