Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inspired by....

Hello to everyone
Hope everything is going along nicely for you
We're just into Autumn here, the weather has been absolutely perfect, beautiful, still Sunny Autumn days, you know those ones where you just wish they could hang around all through Winter. I think we are in for a bit of rain on the weekend, fingers crossed not too much though as we booked into Red Hill Market for this Saturday and are also planning to do Dingley Market on Sunday.
Anyway back to my Inspirational Subjects
The freshest, crispest, tiny little apples I bought from our local Wednesday Street Market, took them home and popped them on top of an old set of Scales I had, put them next to some tatty old favourite Household Encyclopedia's and just got that itch to put my little arrangement on board as a painting
below is my finished painting
it is available from the website framed

and below are my Inspirational subjects

tattered old Encyclopedias

Favourite rusty vintage scales, which at some stage I picked up from a trash and treasure market

Thanks so much for coming over

Have a great weekend

~ Gail ~

p.s. not many Apples left, they were delicious!

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