Friday, March 26, 2010

Critisising my Art

Hi there to everyone

Thanks for your comments left on my last post, it's always great to hear from you

Today I've finally finished a painting I've been working on, it sort of went a bit Pear Shaped....goodness I had started painting this one at the start of the week, and how funny to see I'd noticed a few other bloggers mentioning in "Things have gone Pear Shaped", or decorating with "Pears"... I can't quite remember the actual blog names of the others I saw

I think my Pears sort of turned out resembling Butternut Pumpkins rather than Pears?
Never mind, the theme and colours were the main idea of this painting

I've kept my painting very free and easy, it is for sale on our website as you can see here if you like.

I must say, if it doesn't sell, I'm quite happy to keep it at home with me, it ties in nicely with all my many themes

Best be off here now, Tony has just arrive home with the Fish and Chips, I make a salad to go with them that makes it OK...yeh???

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend

~ Gail ~

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