Friday, April 2, 2010

HaPPy bIRthDaY eLLiE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our darlin ELLIE!!

I think this is the second time your birthday has fallen on Good Friday? Sorry about that, not good planning by us was it?

We were planning on a Meal out somewhere to celebrate, but being Good Friday, nothing was open, so we celebrated the occassion with a late brekky cooked on the new BBQ (Sparky) at Ellie and Clint's NEW house, followed by Birthday Cake and other fattening assortments!

It was Lovely!!

Guess who had to come?

-Yeh you're right - "Guss"

He's usually shy of camera's but was so excited he forgot to dodge this shot!

ha ha - got you Guss!

Tony and I on the left (for anyone that cares)

We were sitting outside in the sunshine and ready to bring out the cake....and yes, of course, it started raining and the wind came up blowing out the candles, so had to do it inside.

Other members of the celebration

Clint next to Ellie, Clint's Mum and Brent, friends Shaun and just a little peek at Amy at the side there

Amy if you're reading this

I promise to get my Pasta Salad Recipe on Paper,

in fact I may Post it on my blog with pics there's a thought
Thanks for coming over
p.s. if you're in our area tomorrow
we'll be at Red Hill Market
click here for details

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