Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fig Tree Cottage

Hello to everyone

Once again thanks for coming over and thanks for the comments to those who left them on my last post.....comments are always treasured....but "Lurkers" are also very much welcome, I know what it's like, sort of a little break in between working to sit down and visit a few blogs, usually lunch, brekky or coffee in one hand, really you wouldn't be expected to leave a comment when you've read a newspaper or magazine, so why be expected to leave one every time you visit a blog, yes a comment every now and again is wonderful, but please when you visit my blog, don't feel obliged...

The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Visit here!

OK onto what I've been up to

I had a lovely lady who had bought one of my Original Whimsical Paintings for her gorgeous Tudor Cottage in the Tambourine Mountains, Qld, asking me to do a painting of her Holiday Cottage (you can see my finished painting in the photo above) you can click here for more pics and information on how to arrange to stay in this little Mountain Dream World.

Do any of you Queenslander's know the area?

It sounds magical, the photos she sent me of her Cottage Garden, were to die for, in fact I got so very confused trying to figure out where to paint what...but it was a pleasure to work with Alison

I was hoping to add more photos


Not looking good at the moment, uploading photos is very slow and making me very frustrated, so will come back later and try again

thanks again for coming over to visit my "Fig Tree Cottage" Post


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