Saturday, March 13, 2010

What did he do with the top section of an old tattered ladder

Hello and thanks for coming over

For today I thought I'd show you what Tony created with the top section of an old tatty ladder.

I've probably mentioned before, Tony has a Work Shop and Selling Space at the very back section of the Mornington Antique Centre, it's in Prime Position, not surprisingly the land has been sold and the building will be soon demolished to make way for a new "Woolworths Hardware Store", apparently these stores will be popping up everywhere in competition with Bunnings.

Anyway, bottom line is, Tony has to find a new place to work and hopefully sell too, we think there's only a few months left where he is.....all will be fine for us we're sure....BUT... time for a clear out in his Stall, he's using up all sorts of bits and pieces the best way he can, I just loved what he'd done with this one, maybe I will list it on the website?
Thanks also for your comments you left on "Fig Tree Cottage", I found it amazing Siobhan and Alison (Victorian bloggers) had driven past the Cottage recently while on holidays, Siobhan actually taking photos cause she was so impressed by it.

I also discovered, Julia from Hooked on Houses had posted about "Fig Tree Cottage" a few months ago, (spent way to long lingering on her intriguing blog, you get that don't you?) you can see it here

I am planning on posting more Garden pics of Fig Tree Cottage....stay tuned


That's about me for now. We've just come home from a big market which I might add wasn't all that wonderful, it was a funny scheduled one, we're happy to be stocked up though,

Finally get to stock the website up
Thanks again for coming over
have a great weekend

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