Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishing Well idea

Hello to you all and thanks for coming over
My kids are at "That Age" ..... the setting up or buying house, getting engaged, getting married, age.
Anyway daughter Ellie is having a house warming party and mentioned they wanted a Wishing Well, what? I'm thinking to myself, a Wishing Well to put in the Garden?.....Nah, this is something new to me, I do live a sheltered life!
A Wishing Well for Special Occasions, Weddings, 21st Birthday's, Engagements, House Warming's, anything at all really.
The idea is the guests post a card with money or even a Gift Voucher enclosed, into the Wishing Well, or maybe even just a note in an envelope with a nice message, it sounds like a fabulous idea to me
So I did a Google Search on these "Wishing Wells" and couldn't see any Wishing Wells that were particularly eye catching....long story cut short, I have found a supplier who can make me Wishing Wells.
Here's my very first one I've painted and distressed, then hand painted my Pink Roses to the top, I was pleased with the end result, I'm not going to sign write any particular message on them, as I think for someone buying these could use them over and over again.

It is quite heavy, but is also a Postable size, it will be ready and listed on my Website early next week

What do you think?....I do hope they take off.
Maybe they could even be used in between time as pretty display's

I'm not finished yet, so please keep reading on
~ ~ ~
I was thrilled the other day when I went over to visit Sarah at A Beach Cottage,
to see how she'd used my Framed Star Fish Painting

She added a larger Frame ...... maybe best for you to pop over and she'll explain exactly what and how she did it here

Anyway she did catch me unprepared as our Beach Inspired Stock on the website is nearly non existent at the moment, but I will be restocking with similar framed prints to the one you can see above in Sarah's creation...and more

Have a wonderful week
Thanks also for those leaving comments on Tony's creation, he'll be thrilled

Maybe we're getting a little closer to a relocation spot for Tony....will let you know


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