Monday, May 31, 2010

"A Fetish for Bags"

Hi there!

Thanks again for coming over and for your comments on my last Post.
I'm sorry I've been a bit anti social, Tony's gradually cutting back our Space where we are at the Antique Centre, in readiness to leave.
I think I told you before the Centre is closing, anyway we're going to be storing loads of our stuff here at home, so I've been listing lots on my website, you can see here if you're interested, and generally sorting through everything, in between keeping my paintings up - have to keep it all ticking over cause those bills keep on a comin' in!

Just finished this one which I thought I'd pop on for Show and Tell
"A Fetish for Bags"
click on one of the bags if you'd like details

I had planned to paint the fabric on the bags - patterned, flowery....I have this idea hatching will probably be offering two versions of this one in print form

That's about me for now

Take Care everyone
~ Gail ~

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