Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Enjoying Myself

Goodness me it's freezing cold down here on the Mornington Peninsula tonight....how about where you are?
Sometimes, the cold weather makes me feel content to sit and paint, whereas when it's warmer I think up millions of things I should be doing, both inside and out.
So I've actually finished two new paintings

I enjoyed every moment painting the one in the photo above, I'd already had the frame ready and painted, and thought a simple dainty painting to suit this frame would be good.

After finishing the BIG one, I decided to treat myself to a Whimsical, whatever took my fancy painting on canvas and there she is above.

Both paintings are available on my website here if you're interested.

That's about me for now, I'm off to cook dinner, I have a craving for Meatballs tonight...must be the cold weather, sounds good doesn't it, sitting in front of the Heater, TV going and eating Meatballs with fresh vegies in a tomato sauce served over spaghetti with freshly grated Parmesan Cheese...YUMMO!

Hope you all have a great Week

~ Gail ~

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