Friday, August 6, 2010

Just thought I'd show you

Hello and thanks for coming over

Hope you've had a fantastic week?
Thanks so much for the encouraging comments on our new furniture section.
 I've listed another Fabulous piece of furniture since, which you can probably see on my sidebar...I love this one!

It's been so, so, so cold and wet down here, I've had the flu, then was left with a horrible infected sore throat, finally gave in today and went to the Doctor is lovely, but nothing personal, I just don't like to visit her, unless it's absolutely necessary, are you like that too, I have a sort of phobia I think?

Anyway, decided to paint a largish canvas for our Market this Sunday
it's at
Mornington Racecourse and if you can, we'd love you to pop in and say Hi
you can go here for details

Where, was I?...
..yes the painting, loved, loved working on this one
as I said it is a larger size, 20 x 20" (51 x 51cm), I've used large brushes and kept it free and easy
 I felt the chippy pottery urn in the painting needed a little something....

I love the look of black stencilled anything's at the moment, thought I'd try it on my
 Pottery Urn
After a bit of hunting around I found my old metal stencil
I bought it from a Garage Sale years ago
 I think from an Apple Orchard in the Red Hill Area?
It was their Logo for branding the Apple crates....

Tony and I, over the years, have used it over and over again, mainly for rustic furniture.  Here it is, wanted again and used in my painting.

See you again soon!

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