Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Furniture Section on our Website

Hello again!

This is unusual for me...two posts in a row!!

The reason being  for this one,
Tony decided today to keep bringing furniture home for me to list on the Website....hmmm, I wasn't really ready for it, but on the other hand, pieces of furniture aren't like paintings, you can't simply store furniture in a corner
Where on earth am I going to keep all these pieces? 

They've got to move on...
I got to work straight away, camera out
 listed three pieces on the website so far and at very reasonable prices
You can see here if you like 

Tony and I, have so many ideas running through our minds at the moment to how we are going to run our business...thinking maybe a pick up base from here at home...loads more products on the website...???

This one above was my fav...probably because Tony featured sections from a vintage ornate picture frame around the edges...maybe I could have used the frame though..??

I must say I enjoyed taking the photos.  
For once his beautiful handmade furniture could be displayed in a real room, not in the middle of a paddock at a market, although I would love to work on my photography skills and Styling!

Speaking of, I found some beautiful china, I'd forgotten about,  in the cupboard as I was looking for props

I remember buying this lot of china for about $10.00 from a Garage sale...aren't they so sweet?

Latest Furniture additons to our website

So our Lounge room is in a mess
and Stay Tuned there's more to come!!!

This Gust avian Day Bed is to Die for.....not sure how and where to list this one...any ideas??

Thanks so much for coming over
I so much enjoyed sharing Photos of my funny old day with you
Please pop over and visit our NEW  Furniture section on our website if you get a chance
all you have to do is go here

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