Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet Debbie

Hi there and thanks for coming over here!

First of all, thanks so much for your Mince Beef recipe ideas on my last post
and the encouraging comments on my new painting.

Loved the recipe ideas, will we ever get sick of swapping recipes?
I ended up, sort of making up a stir fry version, served with rice, it was delicious.
Now back to some News...
I'd like you to meet Debbie 

Any "Australian Home Beautiful"
 fan will have probably already read about her 

I've scanned  photos from the September Home Beautiful feature article on Debbie's beautifully renovated Californian Bungalow to share with you.
As I was scanning, I was trying to remember how long we've known her for?
It all started when she bought, I think a largish piece of furniture from Tony?
I ended up going with Tony to help him deliver this piece of heavy furniture to Debbie's funny old run down Bungalow.

 I might add in a very good location.


Although we see Debbie often, we haven't had a chance to visit her completed project

All I can say...... after seeing what she's achieved....... is WOW!!
Keep reading...keep scrolling down...keep drooling!!!

Can you pick my Paintings in the photo above and below?
Would you like this kitchen?

My original painting above was Debbie's colour inspiration for the kitchen

I even got a mention in the magazine!! thrills!!!

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to the very talented Debbie's home
There are lots more photos to see of her house, but you'll have to buy the September issue of Home Beautiful to see.....
She has a wonderful inspirational website which you can visit here..
You'll be pleasantly surprised on how she can Help You!

What do you think?..

Should we talk her into starting a blog???

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