Saturday, March 12, 2011

The fun’s over and work’s begun

Hello and thanks so much for your congratulation wishes on my last post, your comments meant so much to us.
Yesterday I was so lucky to be invited for Lunch by Alison (Alison Gibbs) for a bit of a get together with Mandii (Shabby Dreaming) & Kirstie (Adeline Country Cottage).
We of course chatted, laughed and ate a delicious lunch; then chatted, laughed, and ate Cup Cakes!!
Thanks so much girls for a wonderful time and for your beautiful gifts…I’m hanging my head in shame as I came unprepared and didn’t Give Back!
and here is what I was spoilt with
How’s this for a brilliant idea by Alison, a beautiful, powder blue pot and pack of Daffodil bulbs…Love it
from Mandii, don’t you just love this key ring?  She said when she saw them she thought of me….cause I love shoes, unfortunately I’m not so good wearing high heels anymore, so I just paint them instead!
What’s inside the box you may ask
Kirstie, where on earth do you find all these beautiful treasures?
I’m tempted to get my sewing machine out of retirement, come to think of it, that maybe a bit drastic, I think an inspiration board with some of the beautiful fabrics and doilies sounds like a good idea.  And don’t you love Kirstie’s handmade tags?
I certainly have had a wonderful few weeks but was happy to get my paint brushes out today and work on this Larger sized shelf, which I’ve just listed on our Website, please click on the picture if you’d like details
Hope you have a wonderful week!
~ Gail ~

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